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Meet some of the curious minds at work!

Abby Lattanzio Author Photo

Abby Lattanzio

Author of

The Elementals

Hailing from central Illinois, Abby Lattanzio has been writing since junior high, when she learned the stories in her head could become something more. She graduated from Northland College with a degree in writing and is a cellist in her local orchestra.

Abby has work published in Underwood Press, as well as several short stories published in Northland College’s literary magazine. She is often found hiking, reading, watching New Girl, or crafting, and is owned by two cats who barely tolerate each other.

Abby's fantasy fiction novel The Elementals is to be published with Curious Curls in Summer 2023!  You can learn more about Abby and The Elementals at

Lexis Mae Author Photo

Lexis Mae

Author of

Wildflowers in the Dark

Lexis Mae is an American writer of poetry and fiction. She spends as much time as possible running barefoot through the woods and around her family’s farm to keep a calm mind and influence her creative side. Lexis currently lives in a small town, East of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania where she works fulltime at CCA Solutions. She has been published in The Spring Lake Collection.

Check out Lexis' poetry chapbook, Wildflowers in the Dark!

April and Jackson Jones Author Photo

April and Jackson Jones

Author of

Penny Platicorn...

April and Jackson Jones are a dynamic duo of talented artists and storytellers. With a passion for creativity that dates back to their childhood, they have spent countless hours developing their unique styles and refining their craft. April's skill in creative writing, art, and poetry has won her numerous awards and accolades, while Jackson's background in studio art from Texas A & M University has honed his artistic skills to a fine edge. 

"Our stories are meant to inspire and spark creativity," April says, "because we believe all innovation starts in the imagination." When Jack and April aren't busy weaving words or painting masterpieces, they're out and about, enjoying nature's bounty, devouring their favorite books or homeschooling their 4 children.

Learn more about April & Jackson and their children's stories at:

Russell Sebring Author Photo

Russell Sebring

Author of

Sparrow Days

Russell Sebring is a novelist and poet who grew up in the south. He graduated with a photography degree from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale before going on to work as a journalist, independent copywriter, professional photographer, and web designer.

Russell lives within a few miles of Hogwarts Castle at Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Sebring's middle-grade fiction novel Sparrow Days is to be published with Curious Curls in Fall 2023!

Joe Baumann Author Photo

Joe Baumann

Author of

Hot Lips

Joe Baumann’s fiction and essays have appeared in Phantom Drift, Passages North, Emerson Review, Another Chicago Magazine, and many others. He is the author of Ivory Children, published in 2013 by Red Bird Chapbooks. He possesses a PhD in English from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. He was a 2019 Lambda Literary Fellow in Fiction.

His debut short story collection, Sing With Me at the Edge of Paradise, was chosen as the inaugural winner of the Iron Horse/Texas Tech University Press First Book Award, and his second story collection, The Plagues, will be released by Cornerstone Press in 2023.  His debut novel, I Know You’re Out There Somewhere, is forthcoming from Deep Hearts YA.  He can be reached at

His short story collection, Hot Lips, is available now!

Zach Docter Author Photo

Zach Docter

Author of

The Great Pyramid...

Zach Docter is a young  writer and recent UCLA graduate from Los Angeles, California.  He was a classical musician and composer before he turned to writing several years ago. Zach’s short stories have been recently published in Jokes Review and Calliope, with another due to release later this year.

Check out his short story collection, The Great Pyramid and Other Stories.

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