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Hot Lips

Joe Baumann

Book Description

"Hot Lips takes your expectations and turns them upside down…These stories force readers to dwell on our own lives, the guards we put up for ourselves or the guards we wish to lower to get closer to others…[Baumann's] superpower is writing wonderful stories; read this collection and see what I mean."
—Aura Martin, author of
Butterflies Over Flame

Joe Baumann's Hot Lips centers around a group of fraternity members at a small school in upper Missouri who are linked by unusual capabilities, by nickname identities, and by the close-knit Phi Kappa Gamma (PKG). One member can speak to food; another can breathe fire; yet another is followed perpetually by bees. Through self-discovery, each of their quirks only grows more vibrant and illuminating than before.

Release Date:
February 7th, 2023

Joe Baumann Author Photo

Joe Baumann

Book Info

Author: Joe Baumann

Release Date: February 7th, 2023

Tags: Fiction, Short Story Collection, Coming of Age

ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-958373-02-6

ISBN (Ebook): 978-1-958373-03-3

Book Cover Artist: Alicia (Dusty) Marchand

Page Count: 216 Pages

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A Curious Peek


A College Story Like No Other

The Phi Kappa Gamma (PKG) house is not your usual fraternity house. Discover how the members live unique lives with quirks and powers that play into their identities and relationships.

Frat Boys Lineup


Hot Lips

Hot Lips, otherwise known as Allen, is notorious for harboring a fire in his belly and spewing flames from his lips at will!


Meat Lover

Famous for his exceptional cooking skills, Meat Lover has been on multiple "food wars" shows thanks for his ability to talk to the food he cooks! Yes, the nickname is quite unfortunate, but his real name is Clint.



Adam is new to the game. One day he just woke up with a mysterious bulge in his leg—wait, is that an apple?



And you thought sweating water on a hot day was bad! Picasso, also known as Logan, sweats paint from his body on a regular basis.

Meet More Phi Kappa Gamma (PKG) Members!

There are a lot of unique characters in the PKG house! Learn what makes each of one of them special as they navigate through challenging issues, such as:

  • Connecting with others as friends and in relationships

  • Finding purpose and belonging

  • Being gay in a predominantly straight climate

  • Being comfortable with yourself and overcoming self-doubt


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