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Meet some of the curious minds at work!

Brigid Donahue Artist Photo

Brigid Donahue

Artist for

The Great Pyramid...

Brigid Donahue is an illustrator and concept artist living in Manassas, Virginia. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2021 with a major in Communication Arts and a minor in English.

Brigid works on designing characters and creatures to incorporate into full illustrations that expand their stories. She enjoys being outdoors and gains inspiration for her projects from nature.  Check out her portfolio at

Her artwork is featured on the cover of The Great Pyramid and Other Stories.

Kiriaki Moulinou Artist Photo

Kiriaki Moulinou

Artist for

Wildflowers in the Dark

Kiriaki Moulinou is an illustrator and filmmaker currently residing in Athens, Greece where she studies 3D Animation & Game Art. She grew up in an artistic family. From a very young age she had a great passion for books and creative arts, including drawing, motion pictures, and music. Kiriaki loves creating fantasy stories and characters in her head while getting inspired by her favorite music.

Check out Wildflowers in the Dark, which is illustrated entirely by Kiriaki.

Dusty Marchand Artist Photo

Dusty Marchand

Artist for

Hot Lips

Alicia (Dusty) Marchand is an Illustrator with a specialization in children's media and product design.  Dusty finds passion and enjoyment in creating fun and colorful pieces.

"Whether I'm illustrating patterns, narratives, toys, or products, I love working from my own imagination or from the beautiful world around me."

Dusty created the cover for Hot Lips.  Check Dusty's art at

Grace Toscano Artist Photo

Grace Toscano

Artist for

The Elementals

Grace Toscano is an illustrator and concept artist who is a School of Visual Arts illustration alumna (Class of 2021).  She loves to work with lighting and color to create a unique atmosphere.

Grace has a strong passion for film and video games, and she loves incorporating themes and inspiration from that media in her work.  Some of her favorite directors include Nicolas Winding Refn, Harmony Korine, and Guillermo Del Toro, all of which have been a big influence on her work and artistic approach.

Grace is the cover artist for The Elementals.  You can find more of Grace's art at

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