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Brigid Donahue

Brigid Donahue Artist Photo

About Me

Brigid Donahue is an illustrator and concept artist living in Manassas, Virginia. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2021 with a major in Communication Arts and a minor in English.

Brigid works on designing characters and creatures to incorporate into full illustrations that expand their stories. She enjoys being outdoors and gains inspiration for her projects from nature.  Check out her portfolio at

Her artwork is featured on the cover of The Great Pyramid and Other Stories.

Did You Know

When did you first get into art?

My older sister Amanda Donahue, who is also an artist, introduced me to many things including art and manga. Manga (especially the series Fruits Basket) got me excited about reading when I was young and it made me want to re-draw all the characters.


The Great Pyramid and Other Stories Book Cover

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