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Make a Gift

Curious Curls is independently run and still starting out.  We can always use extra financial assistance to do things like compensating our authors for their hard work!  Please consider making a monetary gift to Curious Curls by filling out the form below:

Make a gift!

Once you hit submit, please be patient. 

Thank you for your generous gift!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my infomation secure?

It sure is!  Curious Curls uses Wix Ascend tools to process all payments.  We do not see vital private information such as your credit card information.  Any information we do receive is not used for any purposes beyond logging transactions.

Where is my money going?

All payments will go directly into an Author Payment Fund.  This means that the money will not be used for any other means.  If that changes, it will be reflected in the website and any other payments made before that change will stay in the original area of assignment.

What is the minimum payment?

We have no minimum, though Wix Ascend may have a minimum of $1.  We just ask that you make whatever gift you can - every dollar can go a long way!  Many literary magazines and small presses and lit mags often charge $2 - $5 per submission if you would like an idea of what a standard gift is.

Will making a gift influence my chances for publication?

Certainly not!  We do not give any priority or special treatment to those who make gifts.

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