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Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate curiosity by spreading literature that fosters creativity and observation.  From a peculiar perspective, life takes on form beyond what we know.

Curiosity is a curious subject in itself.  To be curious can mean to have an eagerness to learn, but it can also refer to the strange and bizarre.  Is there a distinct difference between these two definitions?  Can observation be separated from oddity?  That's what we like to explore.  We value work that arouses the complexities of the world around us.

About Us

Curious Curls Publishing is a small literary press established in 2021.  Curious Curls is currently free-floating until it finds a permanent home.  Most of our book sales and distribution are processed through print-on-demand services, such as Amazon KDP and IngramSpark, though we are also experimenting and expanding with every new project.  


Our goal is simple.  We want to publish fascinating stories.  While we place focus on curiosity in its many forms, we are happy to accept all types of works from all authors.

Curious Curls also takes pride in being involved with writers beyond just book publications.  We promote literary journals, presses, authors, and works we enjoy through projects like our Authors with Answers video segment or our annual fiction contest.  In the future, we hope to provide other opportunities to promote the works we enjoy and the people who made them.

Meet the Staff




Christian David Loeffler is a fiction writer and teacher.  He earned his undergraduate degree in both biochemistry and English at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  He earned his MFA in Creative Writing at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.​  Loeffler works as an adjunct English instructor at Cleveland State University, Ursuline College, and Notre Dame College.  He also serves as a teacher for the TRIO Upward Bound Program at Saint Francis University, where he has taught everything from Science Fiction Literature & Dystopia to Video Game Design.  Loeffler's teaching and writing are heavily influenced by interests ranging from science, literature, and philosophy to video games and anime.

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