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About the Curious Readers Program

Do you like to read books?  Do you have a strong taste for craft and reviewing titles?  Do you want a chance to read books for free and before release date?

The Curious Readers Program is a program created for readers to leave reviews before our books hit shelves.  Not everyone wants to go into reading a book completely blindsided, so we rely on readers to help inform other readers.  A few months before the book releases officially, early readers get the chance to receive a version of the book that will be sent in one of the following forms: PDF, ebook file, or paperback copy.

We take pride in making sure that all reviews left on books are completely honest, with a strong push to leave reviews both positive and negative. 

If you are interested in applying to the program, please fill out the form below.  Participants will be chosen based on selected interests and as-needed for titles.

Apply to the Curious Readers Program

Curious readers program
What types of works do you most like to read? Select all that apply.
Which of the following categories would you most like to read? Select all that apply.

Once you hit submit, please be patient.

Thanks for applying! We'll let you know if we find a book for you!

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