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Book Order Requests

Curious Curls accepts book orders from our website for businesses, libraries, schools, etc.  While we recommend using Ingram services for the fastest and most convenient option, we understand some may prefer a more direct alternative.  We are also able to offer cheaper orders from our website!


Here are some important notes:

  • Process

    • First, you must fill out the "Order Request Form" below.  Upon approval, we will send you an email with the total cost and provide a link where you can make a payment through the website.​

      • Alternatively, you can email via the info listed on the contact page, making sure to include the same info listed in the form below.

  • Pricing and Payments

    • We sell our books to retailers at a percentage of the retail value.

      • For example, a $13.99 title might be about $7.69 a copy if we are selling that title at 55% of retail value. Percentages vary between titles, and our numbers are cheaper than those listed on Ingram.  We also may give special offers based on bookstore, quantity, first-time clients, etc.

    • Payments are processed via Wix Ascend.  We do not receive vital personal information from your purchase such as your credit card number.​​

  • Shipping and Handling

    • We can only take orders for businesses in the United States at this time.

    • Our shipping usually takes between 2-3 weeks.  We may be able to offer quicker shipment options upon request.

  • For Other Entities

    • We also have offerings for educators, libraries, etc. depending on your needs.  If you are an educator, library, etc. making a request, please note your school/organization as your business.​​


We cannot take returns for unsold books via purchases on our website.  If there are any quality issues with our titles, reach out to us via the information on the contact page.  We will work with you to resolve any issues and make sure you leave feeling satisfied.

Book Order Request Form

Order Request Form

Once you hit submit, please be patient. 

Thank you for your order request!

We will get back to you within the week!

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