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Career Opportunities

Want to join the Curious Curls crew, even if just for a project or two?


Check this page for openings and options for how you can get involved!

Social Media Coordinator (Internship)

How Curious!



Curious Curls is looking for a Social Media Coordinator to manage its social media accounts. This is an unpaid internship, but it is a perfect opportunity to get involved for business/marketing/English undergraduate students looking to get experience in social media engagement!



Curious Curls Publishing is a small and relatively new literary press. Our goal is to help writers get published, with a focus on works that evoke creativity and curiosity.



  • Candidate must be able to post daily content for accounts (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and reguarly scheduled content for TikTok and video.

  • Approximately 10 hours of work will be assigned each week.

  • Candidate must be comfortable with being in front of a camera.  This may be required as part of making TikTok content, staff skits, and other promotional material.

  • Candidate should be creative able to come up with video content ideas and post ideas that excite our readers.

  • Social media posts may include book recommendations, questions/polls for readers, sharing information about our titles, sharing details about our authors, etc.  You can see our accounts (@CuriousCurlsPub) to get an idea of what we do.

  • Candidate should be comfortable with marketing skills, such as being able to decide on what similar pages, publishers, videos, and channels our readers might enjoy.

  • Candidate must be able to work independently, but able to check-in and ask for help when needed. Opinions and advice on promotional materials, newsletters, etc. may be needed and candidate is expected to have an active voice.

  • There will be weekly staff meetings that are approximately 0.5 to 2 hours each week.  Candidate must be able to attend, though there is flexibility for most of the year on the specific meeting time.

    • Candidate MUST have availability during the summer on either Saturday or early Sunday from June thru July.  Staff meetings are held during this time for those two summer months and have less flexibility.

  • Candidate must be able to create content that is able to be enjoyed by a large demographic. What appeals to younger audiences? Older? American Classic fans? Sci-fi fans? Writers? Readers?  For a particular book?  On a particular platform?

  • Other miscellaneous duties may be assigned as needed.  Curious Curls is a small press and depends on staff who are able to try new things and fill in workload gaps.

  • This position can go as far as the candidate would like. If candidate would like to find other ways to help out or is interested in other roles (helping with editing, assisting with website management, interviewing authors, etc.), note this in the cover letter!



  • Candidate should be very familiar with books and English as a subject.

  • An ideal candidate can work for at least 6 months. The exact time length would be decided by contract.

  • Candidate is able attend weekly staff meetings even with limitations during June and July that are noted above.

  • In-progress undergraduate degree in English, Business, Marketing, etc. preferred, but not required. As an unpaid internship and a small press, we just want to make sure candidates can pull the most from this opportunity.

  • Knowledge or experience in gathering followers on social media preferred.

  • Candidate can offficially start by May 1st (or early May).

  • Preferred candidates are motivated, creative, and...curious!


If you are interested in this position, please email a resume and a cover letter to  Applications will be accepted until filled.  Due to a large number of applicants, we may not be able to respond to every applicant.  If we are interested, you can expect hear back from us within a month or by the start date.

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