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Wildflowers in the Dark

Lexis Mae

Book Description

Lexis Mae's debut poetry chapbook captures the wonder, struggle, and resilience of the human spirit through a simple and accessible form. Illustrations by Kiriaki Moulinou accentuate and bring imagination to the words on the page.

Follow the young character of Sparrow as she navigates through troubling times. Sparrow's down-to-earth perspective and transformation are contagious. Sharing her most intimate thoughts and words of advice along the way, Sparrow strives to unveil a path of wildflowers and freedom.

Release Date:
April 10th, 2021

Lexis Mae Author Photo

Lexis Mae

Book Info

Author: Lexis Mae

Illustrator: Kiriaki Moulinou

Release Date: April 10th, 2021

Tags:  Poetry Collection, Nature, Illustrated

Page Count: 43

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A Curious Peek


Follow Sparrow

See the world through poems of a young girl who is navigating the world...

Each Section is a Blooming Flower


Growing Feelings

This entire poetry collection is about feeling, whether alone, comfort, inspiration. Each section is represented with a correlating flower.



Purple carnations are flowers of capriciousness, or unpredictability. Have you ever had dark impulses or feelings and not know how to let them go?



Pink begonias are a symbol of attraction and affection. Sometimes we need these simple feelings in our life, and you will find them through poetic words both simple and true.



Yellow daffodils are flowers of beginnings and rebirth. See how Sparrow's outlook changes and she finds happiness in the little parts of life.

Inside, you will find...

Wildflowers in the Dark is a small and simple poetry chapbook, containing:

  • A handful of short poems

  • Illustrations on scattered about

  • Simple words that speak to the heart

  • A progression of feelings


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