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The Elementals

Abby Lattanzio

Book Description

Eastport, a place of former peace, has rapidly turned its back on natural power wielders known as "elementals." Under the rule of domineering Magistrate Rufus, elementals are subject to fates of imprisonment, death, and forced exposure to a mysterious substance known as eusgare. While the future continues to look grim for elementals, the ocean tides seem to have other plans. Four brothers, united by royal blood and a shared goal of restoring the kingdom, must find a way to work together before it is too late.

Release Date:
July 11th, 2023

Abby Lattanzio Author Photo

Abby Lattanzio

Book Info

Author: Abby Lattanzio

Release Date: July 11th, 2023

Tags: Fiction, Fantasy, Novel

ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-958373-04-0

ISBN (Ebook): 978-1-958373-05-7

Book Cover Artist: Grace Toscano

Page Count: 352 Pages

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A Curious Peek


Eastport is Changing

Eastport has fallen into turmoil after the death of Queen Valencia, with elementals now now being outed and executed left and right. How many lives will be lost before things change?

Four Types of Elementals!



Hydromentals have the ability to control water of any kind. This includes ground water, salt water, and fresh water.



Terramentals have the ability to control the earth. This includes the actual earth itself, dirt, mud, clay, ores and metals.



Aeromentals have the ability to control and manipulate air. They can encourage air currents to react to their will, such as creating spontaneous vortexes. With great focus, powerful aeromentals can also use the air currents to hear across distances.



Pyromentals have the ability to control fire. Unlike the other elementals, pyromentals are able to create fire from within themselves, without the need for external combustible materials.

More about The Elementals...

There are a lot of characters and places to visit in this vast world. But what other conflicts and themes can you find in this book?

  • Familial relationships

  • Fantastical substance addiction

  • Finding purpose

  • Complicated relationships

  • Dealing with regret

  • Understanding others who are different than you


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