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Kiriaki Moulinou

Kiriaki Moulinou Artist Photo

About Me

Kiriaki Moulinou is an illustrator and filmmaker currently residing in Athens, Greece where she studies 3D Animation & Game Art. She grew up in an artistic family. From a very young age she had a great passion for books and creative arts, including drawing, motion pictures, and music. Kiriaki loves creating fantasy stories and characters in her head while getting inspired by her favorite music.

Check out Wildflowers in the Dark, which is illustrated entirely by Kiriaki.

Did You Know

What is your favorite book?

The Harry Potter book series is my favorite books of all time. Growing

up, they were my escape from reality to an amazing, wonderful world. I also love Grimms' Fairy Tales, Frankenstein, Carmilla, Edgar Allan Poe’s collection etc.


Wildflowers in the Dark Book Cover

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