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April & Jackson Jones

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About Us

April and Jackson Jones are a dynamic duo of talented artists and storytellers. With a passion for creativity that dates back to their childhood, they have spent countless hours developing their unique styles and refining their craft. April's skill in creative writing, art, and poetry has won her numerous awards and accolades, while Jackson's background in studio art from Texas A & M University has honed his artistic skills to a fine edge. 

"Our stories are meant to inspire and spark creativity," April says, "because we believe all innovation starts in the imagination." When Jack and April aren't busy weaving words or painting masterpieces, they're out and about, enjoying nature's bounty, devouring their favorite books or homeschooling their 4 children.

Learn more about April & Jackson and their children's stories at:

Did You Know

Your favorite book adaption?

Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle. While it deviated from the book in some ways, we were captivated by the fantastical world they brought to life on the big screen. We were thrilled by the creative liberties taken by the filmmakers and enjoyed the unique perspective they brought to the beloved story.


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