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Sparrow Days

Russell Sebring

Book Description

Terra Delarosa is found alone in a grocery store one Valentine’s Day night after escaping yet another foster home. Bound for juvenile detention, Terra’s last option is to stay with her estranged grandfather on his farm. Meanwhile, a barn sparrow named Zeezoo tries to form a family of his own, learning how to defend he and those he loves in a predator-prey world. But the world is full of danger for a sparrow...and for a young girl. Can Zeezoo and Terra's grandfather protect Terra when a mysterious figure re-emerges from her past?

Sparrow Days is a story of redemption, belonging, and the true meaning of family. Join Terra and Zeezoo in this heartwarming tale that balances laughter and tears with each flap of a sparrow’s wings.

Release Date:
November 14th, 2023

Russell Sebring Author Photo

Russell Sebring

Book Info

Author: Russell Sebring

Release Date: November 14th, 2023

Tags: Fiction, Literary Fiction

ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-958373-06-4

ISBN (Ebook): 978-1-958373-07-1

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A Curious Peek


Do All Roads Lead Astray?

There are many roads with uncertain endings, a fact that young Terra Delarosa is beginning to learn all too quickly in her life. Sent to live with her estranged grandpa, will Terra be able to finally find a place to call home?

Meet the Family



A mysterious girl who is found in the back of a grocery store one Valentine's Day. Despite her circumstances, she is quite eager to learn and equally sassy.



A lonely man living on a run-down farm who talks to animals and has a drinking problem. The last hope of a guardian for a young Terra Delarosa.



A sparrow living on Cyrus' farm with a strive to grow and form a family of his own. A bird with such a strong moral compass is just so hard to find!



Absent from Terra's life in many ways, it seems appropriate for her profile shot to be blank. Where is Terra's mom? What would cause her to leave her child behind?

Themes and Topics to Explore

Sparrow Days is a tale of many, with focus shifting between several of our main characters and their personal journeys. Here are some of the themes that characters experience in some way or another:

  • Post-traumantic stress disorder (PTSD) and The Vietnam War

  • Alcoholism

  • Oxycontin addiction and Narcan

  • Family relationships

  • Abiding by morals and taking initiative

  • Making friends

  • And, of course, defending oneself from a bird-hungry cat


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