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Curious Curls is dedicated to helping readers and writers alike!  Check out some of our staff's reading and submission recommendations.  We update roughly every month, so keep checking back!  

Publisher of the Month

Strange Attractor Press

Strange Attractor Press in an independent publishing house based in London, UK.  What we really love about the press is its commitment to its aesthetic.  With one glimpse at their titles, website, and book covers, you will automatically find yourself in a world like no other; a world of the bizarre, a world of darkness, and a world that shouts out to curious hearts that are brave enough to enter.  Learn more about Strange Attractor Press here!


Literary Journal of the Month

Silver Apples Magazine

Silver Apples Magazine is a literary magazine with a tight team and focused goals.  Its members are tied by University of Limerick in Ireland.  What stands out most is their dedication to readers and those who submit.  Silver Apples offers feedback to those who submit, have work rejected, and want to know how to improve.  To add, Silver Apples also holds virtual meetings on Sundays to talk about writing and to share resources.  Learn more about Silver Apples Magazine and read their recent publications here!


Book of the Month

Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs

Running with Scissors is a memoir recounting the adolescent years of Augusten Burroughs' life.  The story follows Augusten as he goes from living with his fighting parents to living with his mother's psychiatrist, Dr. Finch, in a rundown victorian house in Northampton, Massachusetts.  Character is a key component to this story as the reader learns more about the dysfunctional Finch family, Augusten's mother, and Augusten's ventures on his own coming-of-age path.  What we really enjoy about this book is the character, quirkiness, and humor (both upfront and dark) that linger throughout.  Once you are done reading the book, the 2003 film adaption is highly recommended for laughs, tears, a great cast, and a well-tuned soundtrack.  Learn more about Augusten Burroughs and his other publications here.