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Curious Curls is dedicated to helping readers and writers alike!  Check out some of our staff's reading and submission recommendations.  We update roughly every month, so keep checking back!  

Publisher of the Month

Sublunary Editions

Sublunary Editions likes to publish "contemporaneous literature, as opposed to contemporary" and they "believe in the vitality of works new and old."  We really like the idea of an open-minded approach to new literary trends and old ones.  Their simplistic covers catch the eye and the premises of their works are enticing, with nods to Kristofor Minta's A Perfectly Ruined Solitude and Can Xue's Mystery Train.  Learn more about Sublunary Editions' publications here.


Literary Journal of the Month

Jokes Review

Jokes Review is a literary journal based in North Carolina, and as you could have guessed, it is quite funny.  Jokes Review notes that they like: "outsider art, urban legends, rants, rogue journalism, humor, manifestos, subversive imaginations, bizarro fiction, low brow/high brow mixtures, street art, dangerous ideas, [and] jokes."  We really enjoy their work for being witty and light-hearted, with stories that are not intent on pushing a message or agenda.  Zach Docter, author of The Great Pyramid and Other Stories, also had his work published in Jokes Review!  Learn more about Jokes Review and read their recent publications here.


Book of the Month

Parasyte by Hitoshi Iwaaki

Hitoshi Iwaaki's Parasyte series is a science fiction horror manga that revolves around the life of Shinichi Izumi, a high school senior who is infected by a parastic organism that is plaguing the world.  But with Shinichi, there is a catch.  The Parasite's endeavors are disrupted when Shinichi wakes up and tries to stop it.  Instead of taking over Shinichi's brain, it is forced into his right hand and both Shinichi and the Parsite, Migi, become co-dependent on one another; they must now work together in a world of both humans and a growing number of Parasites.  What we really appreciate about this story are the themes of codependency, cohabitation, humanity, and the value of life.  Despite the story having its moments of action and gore, it is a science fiction story in its prime.  The anime series also adds a wonderful soundtrack and intensity that we recommend experiencing first-hand.  If you are interested in giving the first volume a try, you can find it here.