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Curious Curls is dedicated to helping readers and writers alike!  Check out some of our staff's reading and submission recommendations.  We update roughly every month, so keep checking back!  

Publisher of the Month

Applebeard Editions


"Applebeard Editions was created in a Saskatoon basement, where its two founders, Nicole Haldoupis and Geoff Pevlin, did their MFAs in Writing. Both of their theses were collections of prose poetry / flash fiction. While they researched these genres, they quickly realized the dearth of short prose publications in Canada.

They couldn’t find a single anthology of very short prose that combined flash fiction and prose poetry that truly celebrated the flexibility and energy of this form, so they decided to create their own."

What We Like:

  • The focus on books containing short fictional prose; this is very specific, and short prose does not always get the spotlight it deserves.

  • The aesthetic and simplicity, which almost perfectly matches what they want in their works: simply pleasing works.

  • The fun descriptions and pitches for book titles.

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