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Curious Curls is dedicated to helping readers and writers alike!  Check out some of our staff's reading and submission recommendations.  We update roughly every month, so keep checking back!  

Publisher of the Month

Eulalia Books

Eulalia Books is an independent publisher of literary translations affiliated with Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA.  Eulalia puts focus on "contemporary poetry and hybrid-genre works" that have not yet been translated.  Via the Joe O'Connor Poetry Series they also help publish local writers and SVC alums who have never published a book before.  One thing we really like about this publisher is their book cover designs, which always seem to catch the eye.  We also like their dedication to translators, emerging writers, and the community.  Learn more about Eulalia Books here!


Literary Journal of the Month

The Quiet Reader

The Quiet Reader, much like it's name implies, is simplistic in it's goals -- they want "mesmerizing" work from wherever they can find it.  The online literary magazine is fairly new and sprouted during 2020.  One thing that we really like about this journal is that there is a random story selector that visitors can use when craving a read. Learn more about The Quiet Reader and read their recent publications here!


Book of the Month

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

All the Light We Cannot See was published by Scribner in 2014 and has taken off since.  This book is not like just any war novel as it is filled with curiosity, ambition, and unity.  Marie-Laure lives in Paris near the Museum of Natural History, where her father works until Nazis occupy Paris and she is forced to flee, carrying a rare possession with her.  Meanwhile, in a mining town in Germany, orphan Werner Pfennig grows up with his younger sister, and is fascinated by a crude radio they find.  Werner becomes a technological expert and is enlisted to track down the resistance.  Marie-Laure and Werner test the foundations of humanity when their paths cross.  We really enjoyed the originality of the story and progression of the narrative.  Learn more about All the Light We Cannot See and Anthony Doerr’s other publications here!