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The Allure of the Unseen

Eleni Christoforidou


Wesley trudged down the narrow, cobblestone street, the rain slashing at his face like tiny frozen needles. His shoulders slouched, defeated by the weight of both the heavens and his own internal malaise. Each droplet that penetrated his overcoat seemed to seep not just into the fabric but into his very bones, chilling him to his core.


As he approached an old, decrepit building, its wooden sign swayed ominously in the wind, creaking like the lament of lost souls. It read, “Carmine’s Antiques.” Weather-beaten, the shop stood as an anachronistic reminder of a past age, surrounded by the modernity of glass and steel buildings.


Pushing open the door, Wesley was greeted by the melancholic chime of an overhead bell. The atmosphere was thick with the smell of old leather, musty paper, and the faded scent of cigars smoked long ago. A cat lazily lounged on a dusty counter, eyeing Wesley with detached curiosity.


Carmine, the elderly shop owner, looked up from his ledger. He peered at Wesley through thick spectacles that seemed to have been salvaged from a bygone era. They framed his eyes in such a way that made him look perpetually surprised, or perhaps alarmed, at the world.


“Evening, Mr. Carmine,” Wesley greeted, his voice slightly shaky. Carmine nodded slowly. “Good evening. Can I help you find something?”


Wesley’s eyes flickered to a painting hanging in the far corner of the shop. The oil on canvas depicted a lush meadow under a sky tinged with the pink and purple hues of twilight. The grass appeared almost luminescent, and the sky seemed to stretch into infinity. “Actually, I have my eye on that.”


Carmine sighed, a weighty sound that filled the room. “Ah, The Midnight Room. Created by a local artist, a recluse of some sort. Comes with a warning, they say. A single glance and you're lost forever.”


“Sounds more like an endorsement than a warning,” Wesley chuckled nervously.


Carmine grunted, evidently not sharing Wesley's amusement. “Two hundred.”


Wesley paid the amount without haggling. He sensed that this painting was worth every penny and more. Taking the painting home, the first thing he did was remove a family portrait from above the fireplace to make room for his new acquisition. The portrait, gathering dust, was placed unceremoniously in a closet.


Sitting in his armchair, Wesley found himself lost in the painting's serene beauty. The room darkened as the sun set, but the painting seemed to emanate its own soft light. As the days turned into weeks, Wesley became more and more engrossed in the painting. It started to fill his thoughts, eclipsing all else. Each brush stroke seemed to whisper secrets, each hue narrating tales of untold worlds. He thought he could even hear murmurs and giggles from the unseen creatures that must be hiding in the grass.


Sleep eluded him. And when he did manage to catch some rest, his dreams were filled with images of himself wandering in the meadow, reaching towards the tantalizing horizon but never quite getting there. His waking hours were spent gazing into the canvas, trying to grasp something ineffable—something forever on the tip of his consciousness.


On a fateful night, Wesley awoke with a start. His alarm clock blinked 2 a.m. in the dark room. He felt a sensation as though he was not alone. The room was suffused with an ethereal glow emanating from the painting. As his eyes adjusted, he saw it—a small, dark figure standing in the meadow that had not been there before.


A rush of adrenaline coursed through him. He instinctively reached for his phone to capture this impossible phenomenon. The figure looked tangible and hauntingly real. But the moment the camera clicked, the figure vanished into thin air. Wesley frantically flipped through the photos. Nothing. Just the beautiful meadow under the dusky sky.


His heart pounding uncontrollably, Wesley stood up. The pull he had always felt from the painting now seemed tangible, like a gravitational force dragging him towards it. Before he knew it, he was standing mere inches away from the canvas. The colours began to swirl, and the world around him spun in a dizzying whirlpool of light and darkness.


He gasped. With a sudden jolt, he felt as though he was yanked off his feet and pulled into the vortex of colours and hues. And then he was inside—inside the meadow, standing under the twilight sky. He felt a mixture of euphoria and dread. But when he looked around, he knew he could never leave.


The next morning, Carmine’s Antiques was bustling with more customers than usual. A couple walked in, clearly tourists attracted by the shop's peculiar charm. Their eyes darted around the store, finally resting on the painting above the fireplace.


The man called Carmine over. “How much for this one?” Carmine squinted at the painting. “Oh, The Midnight Room. Same as always. Two hundred. But mind you, it comes with a warning. A single glance, and you're lost forever.”


As the couple paid and left with their new purchase, Carmine gave the painting one last glance. A small figure now stood in the meadow, beside another that had been there before. He frowned momentarily before shaking it off. “Perhaps it’s time to raise the price.”


And so, The Midnight Room found a new home. But if one were to look closely, they might notice not just one, but two figures standing in that enchanting meadow—both staring into the endless horizon, forever captivated by the enigmatic beauty of their own longing. And just perhaps, more figures would join them in due time, as the allure of the unseen continued its timeless beckon.


Eleni Christoforidou

Dr. Eleni Christoforidou is an aspiring writer and a full-time neuroscientist, who has been fervently crafting stories since her teenage years, with a particular focus on short fiction. Writing is not just a hobby for her, but a lifelong passion. Her deep-rooted love for books, nurtured since childhood, has been the bedrock of her creative journey. Balancing her scientific career, she often explores writing in her spare moments, delving into the realms of mystery, thriller, and science fiction. The dream of authoring her own book has been a guiding star since her youth, and each story she writes is a stride closer to this ambition.

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